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   Professional Edition 4.0
Horosoft Professional astrology software, based on the Hindu system of Indian Vedic astrology is an advanced astrology software that consists of various astrological calculations. It has K.P.astrology also known as KrishnaMurthy Padhati system, Nadi astrology, Lal Kitab astrology (Famous for its remedies) Etc. It also performs the Match-Making of a couple. For detailed description, you can go through the features mentioned.

  Features of horosoft professional edition 4.0 :

   Nadi Astrology

You can choose the ascendent either as per Horarry Nos. 1-249  or current  time or you can also provide your own degree.

View the ruling planets, vimshottari dasha, birth chart, bhav  chalit, Sub-Lord, Sub-Sub-Lord Etc

Also co-ordinates of planets, planetary position, niryana cusps, aspect etc.

In the house revolving system option, you can change the  ascendent  according to your requirement.

You can either obtain the printouts of all the Pages of Nadi  astrology or  you can also convert these pages into HTML/WORD format

You can print the entire Nadi system Data on a single page. This  saves  time as well as papers.

   Lal Kitab Astrology

Basic details, friendship table, rasi phal, lal-kitab moon chart, lal-kitab  dashas Etc.

View the different types of calculations in lal-kitab like dharmi teva, night-blind horoscope, minor horoscope etc with the causes of their formation  and their remedies.

View the different types of ancestral curse and debts like fore-fathers  debt, mothers debt, unborn debt (Kanya rin, stree rin, matrarin) etc  with the causes and their remedies.

Lal kitab grahphal. View the predictions of all the 12 planets according to  lal-kitab along with their remedies.


Lal-kitab varsh kundli. View the yearly chart of lal-kitab along with the  remedies to strengthen the weak planets. Remedies according to lal-kitab.

   Customization Options


Chitrapaksh (Lahiri) Ayanamsa, K.P. Ayanamsa, K.P.(New), Raman   Ayanamsa, Fagan Ayanamsa, Western or Zero Ayanamsa.


North Indian, South Indian, East Indian and Sri Lankan Chart Style.


You can select from any of the fonts available in your  Windows directory.

Facility to include and exclude outer planets in the charts of the  horoscopes.

TRUE and MEANposition of rahu can be selected.

Facility to change the astrologer name, displayed and printed at  the  bottom of the horoscope.

You can change the color of planets in the charts.

Varshphal (Yearly) calculations can be selected according to the TRUE SOLAR / MEAN SOLAR RETURN

You can lock the entire software through any given password.

You can now Print horoscopes in different Sizes (Both single side  &  double side printing).

Now print horoscopes on 9PIN DMP through Windows and not through DOS. This option helps you to print horoscopes 4 times faster than the normal printing.

You can nowVIEW / PRINT THE ENTIRE HOROSCOPE IN COMPLETE COLO MODE. You also have the option to change the colors according to your choice.

Option to change the longitude / latitude of any place in Geocentric mode.

   Graphical Worksheets
(View Screen Shot of Worksheets)

view sample

A special worksheet in which you can view 6 multiple charts  simultaneously. You can change any charts you wish, and view  them with  other charts.

view sample

Here you can view 3 charts simultaneously. You can change the  color of  the Planets/Degrees/Lines/Houses/Background of chart.  You can also  view the Details/Properties/Predictions of houses &  planets here. The  other 2 charts are interchangeable.

view sample

A customized worksheet where you can select any chart of any  size to  view on the screen and can also be placed anywhere. You  can also insert  colors in the charts, save them as a BMP File or  copy it to the clipboard  for further designing.

view sample

An extensive worksheet on K.P.astrology where you can view the  lord, sub-lord, aspects, planetary position (lagna or 1-249 nos.) etc. Also 'House  Revolving System' in which the ascendent can be  changed. You  can also  view the Horary chart from here.

view sample

An extensive worksheet on Nadi astrology where you can view  the lord, sub-lord, co-ordinates, planetary position, niryana cusp  etc. Also 'House  Revolving System' in which the ascendent can be  changed.

view sample

Here you can graphically view & analyze the planets and their  positions. You also have the option to control the Direction/Speed  of the planets, control the movement by minute, hourly, daily, weekly etc.

view sample

A Worksheet/Calendar where you can view the vimshottri,  ashtottari, yogini  and kalchakra dasha of any month and year  applying on a  horoscope  between any specific period.

view sample

Here you can view the ashtakvarga chart as in graphs (2D/3D  formats)  and select any type of charts.

view sample

It is one of the main aspects in astrology. The dot system makes it even  easier to understand the charts, Here you can view a productive chart with  tales to define it, strength in graphs etc, It also has a timer facility in it.

view sample

The basic way of judging six planetary strength as given in the  classics. You can also view them in graph.

Change the size of the horoscopes you want to print. Choose from FILE SIZE (A4), BOOK SIZE (6 x 8.5, SINGLE SIDE), BOOK SIZE (DOUBLE SIDE), POCKET SIZE (3 x 5) AND DMP PRINTING

You can customize and maintain your own modules for printing.

You can restart the printing from where it has stopped, in case of  a power  failure or any other problem.

You can obtain the printouts either from the Print Menu or directly from the  screen itself.

Now obtain the entire printout either in Color or in Black & White mode.

   System Requirements
Compatible with Windows 98 / NT / 2000 / ME / XP/ Vista 32 /64 / Windows 7 32/64
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